we care for our students

EU Links Ltd. is one of the finest UK Education & Career Services Company based in London and Birmingham. For past 5 years, we have assisted students in pursuing a quality education.

Who We Are

We offer a personalized counselling to take ‘right’ decisions to choose a ‘right’ program, university or College. Our 5 years of experience ranges from working extensively with the prestigious Ivy leagues colleges & top public universities in the United Kingdom.

With the diminishing intercontinental boundaries and rising career prospects, the students and parents are bound to get confused with the enormously increasing options for British Education and the complicated application process. This is where EU Links plays an important role by bridging the gap between the education seekers and providers while sticking to our organizational values of ethical counselling and student satisfaction.

We have a highly customized and flexible service model and a vast database of educational opportunities that we constantly update. Our counselling process is controlled by the yardstick of providing the best possible academic choice that abides by the clients’ credentials, interests, future scope, cost constraints and several other factors. We believe in providing an optimal solution to our ‘student’ that is feasible economically, satiates their educational quest, and above all holds a promise for a bright future!

Our Mission

In our 5 years of service, we have created and maintained an excellent rapport with our students and their parents. Our style of working and resolve for our students’ benefit has resulted in a healthy mutual relationship with the families.

On whole, EU Links is a value-driven organization working towards our mission of helping our students to tap the right educational opportunity that will carve an excellent academic career and a bright future thereon.

The EU LINKS Board